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Tensile Testing of Contact Lenses in Solution

Wet Tensile Testing Instru-met CorporationInstru-Met can provide you with custom fixtures for testing of contact lenses and other products and materials in a submersible solution.  Our fixtures are custom designed to use as stand alone units in conjunction with any strength of materials tester of your choice.  Manufacturers of medical devices use these fixtures regularly for testing. Please contact us if you need custom fixtures for your tensile testers manufactured by: Instron, MTS, Sintech, Tinius Olsen, Thwing Albert, Zwick, Test Resources, Chatillon, Admet and others.


Electrical Connector Insertion Force Tensile Testing Fixtures


An Instru-Met Corporation Tensile Testing Machine measuring the frictional forces during the mating and unmating of a miniature electrical connector. Contact an Instru-Met Corporation representative for all of your tensile testing and compression testing fixture requirements at:908-851-0700 or email us at



Capstan Webbing Grips for Universal Testing Machines

webbing grips Instru-Met Union NJ20,000 lbs Capacity Capstan easy Wrapping Webbing Grips  for testing the strength of fabrics, textiles; nylon, plastic and  leather strapping material, retaining belts, seat belt material and more. Instru-Met Corporation can customize these grips for any width and capacity  for use on any tensile testing frames from any manufacturer including those manufactured by Instron Corporation, manufactured by MTS Corporation, manufactured by Tinius Olsen, manufactured by Satec, manufactured by  Zwick and others.


Pneumatic Grips for Materials Testing

1000-lb-grip-instru-metShown is a an Instru-Met manufactured pneumatic grip.  This is our 1000 lb capacity model featuring one finger operation with a built in air switch and adjustable sample thickness from 0-1/2″. These are manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel for years of trouble free operation. They are supplied with the industry standard 1 1/4″ clevis mounts with locking rings.  Instru-Met can supply a full range of grip faces.  Instru-Met offers many grips used with Instron type tensile testers and other tensile testers.


T-Slotted Table for Instron Test Frames

T-Slotted Table for Instron As an addition or replacement  to your normal standard grip adapters,  a T-Slotted table system can provide a more efficient way to help hold  tests specimens with any unique size or shape that doesn’t lend itself to be tested using standard fixtures. The Instru-Met T-slotted tables can be customized to any size to  fit any Instron, Tinius Olsen, Sintech, MTS, Zwick and/or any other brand strength of materials test frame to enhance your testing capabilities. Our fixtures can be fabricated from most any material including steel, aluminum, plastic or any other custom material or alloy to suit your particular needs.



Wood Shear Fixture ASTM D905


Wood Shear Fixture ASTM D905 Used for Checking Adhesive Bond Strength Primarily for Wood
Accepts Standard 1 3/4″ X 2″ x 3/4″ or 44.4mm x 50.8mm x 19mm Test Specimens. Instru-Met can also provide you other fixtures for wood testing including;  ASTM D143,  other custom tensile grips and compression platens for any special tests you may require.