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Instron Load Cell Repair

load cell 11Instru-Met repairs Instron load cells and offers a complimentary no charge evaluation to assess any damages it may have incurred.  In most cases Instru-Met can repair/replace your Instron load cell and get it back to you within 48 hours.  Most load cells show signs of damage when they sustain forces of 150% over their full scale capacity.  Instru-Met can rebuild your load cell with the same full scale capacity or higher.  As an option, upon request, Instru-Met can install overload protection providing you overload protection up to 500% full scale capacity of the load cell.  For example, a 100 lb load cell could be accidentally overloaded to 500 lbs and still function properly if the load cell in question had the Instru-Met overload protection installed.


Instron Load Cells/Extensometers Calibration

GaryWorking_v2The Instru-Met Calibration Department can offer you significant cost savings!

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