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Models 1120 Test Frames


Each instrument in the 1120 series offers the widest choice of testing conditions within its range.  Interchangeable load cells enable a wide range of tension, compression, torsion and reverse stress testing with measurements in English, Metric or S.I. units.  A complete line of industry tested general and special purpose grips are available to meet the testing requirements of virtually any material and any lab.  As an 1120 test instrument user, the best way to maximize your test lab is to update the test frame with the latest, easy to use, materials testing software program. Instru-Met can retrofit any 1120 series test frame and have most models in stock for quick delivery and set-up. 1122 with a classic computer
Pictured on this page is a Remanufactured 1122 with a classic computer. Frames can be controlled with any PC or laptop computer of customers’ choiceAt Instru-Met we re-manufacture the Instron™ Model 1120 Series.  For more information on the Instron™ 1122, 1123, 1125, 1127, 1128 Series Test Frames.Click on the downloadable brochure Instru-Met Remanufactured Instron Model Series 1120 Instron Test Frame